Culture is very important at KLIS. we believe in Servant-Leadership.

Watch this - it's important!

Work Environment

We think BIG and act small. We are small; most schools have less than 80 students. We value people and prefer to promote from within.


Communication is vital. We use Workplace by Facebook. Staff meet briefly in the morning for motivation before school starts. Staff meetings weekly and corporate meetings monthly or bi-monthly.


Students are on a 10 month calendar with 1 month for summer school. Staff may choose 10 month or 12 month calendar with 1 week or 3 weeks off respectively.

Good Foundation

Values, character and high moral standards - this defines our company and should be a way of life for those who wish to work for us.

What qualities do you need to work here?

For a school, you would think the most important would be teaching experience.  Surprisingly that is further down the list.  With the curriculum that we use, we can teach you how to supervise the students.

The most important is attitude, not just a good one but a great one.  We want people who can thrive with working on their own but know how to be part of a team…

In the classroom, students are working at their own level.  The best way to manage the class efficiently and help each child to be successful is by following the procedures.

But during break time, lunch, enrichment programs – we need your energy and creativity.  These are opportunities to collaborate with your co-workers.  Have fun!

We integrate John Maxwell leadership principles in our HR policies and procedures.  We pursue a culture of serving and adding value to others.  We think BIG but act small.  We are small; most of our schools have 40-70 students and a Teacher/Student ratio of 1:10 at the most.

If this sounds like a place you would like to join, please contact us.

We are hiring for Teachers only.

Dean of Schools


Teachers Level 2 (Supervisors)

Teachers Level 1 (Monitors)

Frequently asked questions

  1. Complete Application CLICK HERE
  2. Email to
  3. Regina will respond with a link to two videos.
  4. Watch the two videos provided
  5. Take the online survey.
  6. First interview by phone  (30 mins) – local or abroad
  7. Second interview in person (local) or video (abroad)
  8. Email with outcome – job offer or denial

Teacher’s school day is 7am to 4pm.  There are weekly staff meetings and once a month (or bi-monthly) there is a company-wide staff meeting.

Teachers can choose a 10 month or 12 month schedule.

You can download a brief summary here.This list is not exhaustive.



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